The Lake County Division of Transportation identified the Weiland Road Improvements as one of the key projects needed to relieve congestion in this heavily traveled corridor of the County. The improvements include Weiland from north of Lake Cook Road (Woodstone Drive) to south of Deerfield Parkway in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. This 0.92-mile project involves reconstructing Weiland Rd from an existing two-lane asphalt pavement to a five-lane asphalt pavement including two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane through a majority of the project.

Project improvements include:

  • pavement reconstruction,
  • widening to two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane,
  • construction of an asphalt bike path on west side of Weiland Rd.,
  • installation of a concrete sidewalk on east side of Weiland Rd.,
  • construction of detention pond on east side of Weiland Rd. between
    Pauline Ave. and Pope Blvd.,
  • replacement of existing culvert under Weiland Rd. at Aptakisic Creek,
  • installation of street lighting throughout the project limits, and
  • installation of noise abatement wall on the west side of Weiland Rd. north of Newtown Dr..

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Project Limits: Woodstone Drive to south of Deerfield Parkway. Deerfield Parkway is fully open to East-West traffic.