What is the purpose of the Weiland Road Improvements project?

The Weiland Road Improvement Project will increase highway user safety, improve capacity and operation, replace aging infrastructure, and enhance the regional roadway network. This project will improve non-motorized transportation for pedestrians, bike riders & other users of sidewalks/bike paths to connect to more local destinations like parks, schools, and businesses.

How long will construction take?

Construction of the South Section Improvements will continue through June 2020. The North Section Improvements are anticipated to be completed in July 2021.

How much is the project going to cost?

Lake County Grading Company, LLC of Libertyville, IL  submitted the low bid for the South Section construction at $12,090,769.99.

How will the improvements be funded?

The construction of this project is funded by a combination of Federal-aid money matched by County sales tax funds (1/4%) as well as Village of Buffalo Grove funds for various village facilities.

What new features will be included in the reconstruction?

Project features include pavement reconstruction, PCC sidewalks, HMA bike paths, retaining walls, noise abatement wall, box culverts, storm sewers, landscaping, signal, and lighting.

Will access for pedestrians/non-motorized users be maintained?

Access will be maintained during construction, there are planned detours for pedestrians to avoid work areas. Signage and temporary access will be placed and maintained to allow continued use of current crossings.

How can I get more info?

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