Weiland Road
Work Completed

  • Installation of the storm sewer on the east side of the roadway up to Aptakisic has been completed
  • Storm sewer crossings have also been extended in the middle so they can continue to the west as part of the next stage
  • Excavation, stone base placement, grading and installation of the new asphalt has occurred up to Aptakisic
  • Curb, driveway and sidewalk preparations and placements installed
  • Electrical work for the street lighting and traffic signals continued
  • Northbound traffic was moved onto the new pavement from Deerfield Pkwy to North Abbott Ct/Thompson Blvd, southbound remains on the existing pavement while work occurs in the middle
  • Topsoil placement for landscaping on the east side ongoing

Paving at Old Weiland Rd (North Section)

Aptakisic Road
Work Completed

  • Storm sewer, stone base, curb, and asphalt were placed for westbound traffic from Bond Street to Joseph Court
  • Traffic was moved onto the north side of Aptakisic
  • Work at the intersection of Weiland and Aptakisic started, including the installation of storm sewer that will cross through the intersection as part of the planned construction staging to minimize the impact to traffic
  • The block retaining wall was installed on the south side of Aptakisic just west of the railroad tracks. With limited space, this wall will allow installation of a shared use path which will cross the railroad tracks and include upgraded railroad gates for pedestrians.

Block Retaining Wall (North Section)

Pavement removal Aptakisic at Roadway Lane (North Section)

Traffic shifted to north side of Aptakisic (North Section)

Storm Sewer Installation (North Section)

Pavement removal looking east from Weiland on Aptakisic (North Section)

Traffic shifted to north side of Aptakisic (North Section)

Work Scheduled
Weiland Road

  • Temporary pavement installation in the middle to allow southbound traffic to be moved onto the new pavement, adjacent to northbound
  • Moving northbound traffic onto the new pavement from North Abbott Ct to Aptakisic
  • Moving southbound traffic onto the new pavement adjacent to the northbound lane
  • Pavement removal
  • Storm sewer installation on west side of Weiland Road
  • Excavation and stone base placement for new southbound traffic lanes

Aptakisic Road

  • Pavement removal on the south side of Aptakisic, followed by storm sewer and excavation
  • Stone base placement – Weiland to Bond St
  • Installation of curb and gutter – Weiland to Bond St
  • Asphalt installation – Weiland to Bond St

Stay tuned to the website for future updates.

Please drive carefully through the construction zone and watch for workers and equipment.


Visit the Gallery Page for progress photos.

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